Radiator, Transmission & Power Steering Flushes

Flushing your systems regularly, prolongs the life and removes harmful debris that builds up over time. We recommend referring to your Owners Manual for specific vehicle manufacturing guidelines. If you don’t have an Owners Manual available most Dealerships will be happy to provide you with that information or you can check on Google as well.

Heating & A/C Repairs

Is your car leaving you rather uncomfortable? Hot or cold, we’ll make you feel just right!  We are pleased to offer Heater and Air Conditioning Repair. From heater core replacements to radiators and charging your air conditioning unit, we want you to be comfortable. No matter what time of year. Call us today for an estimate.

Brake Services

Do you hear a squeaking/grinding noise or feel pulsating when applying your brakes? Or do they feel mushy or hard? All these signs point to brake work needing to be done. As we all know, our brakes should be a top priority on the repair list and we are here to help. Whether you need a simple repair such as pad replacement, rotors trued, or more extensive work such as calipers or all new brake lines, Mike’s Collision and Repair is just who you need. Give us a call today for your free estimate and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you.

new ulm oil change

Oil Changes

Each of our oil changes comes with a major brand of oil, lube and filter and you’ll feel good knowing your vehicle will be fully inspected by an ASE Certified Technician. We’ll top off all your fluids, check your belts, hoses, brakes, tires, and suspension and provide a report of what we find each and every time. This 37 point inspection is free to you and gives you peace of mind while you’re driving down the road.

Wheel and tire alignment in new ulmWheel Alignment, Balance & Rotations

Is your vehicle drifting one way or the other? It may be in your alignment. Wheel Alignments are important because they prevent tire wear and keep your suspension parts inline. If your alignment is off it may also indicate you have suspension issues as well. Tire Balancing – Does your vehicle shimmy at higher speeds? Perhaps it’s time for a balance. Balancing your tires will provide a smoother ride, and prevent tire wear. Tire Rotations – We suggest and highly recommend you rotate your tires every 6 to 8,000 miles to insure even wearing on the outside and inside edges of your tires. Give Mike’s a call today and save yourself a financial headache later.

Suspension Services

As part of the 37 point inspection preformed when you have your oil changed, we’ll take a look at your ball joints, tie rods, struts and shocks. If you need any suspension servicing, we will write up an estimate so you know exactly what it’s going to cost. Call the mechanical shop today for an estimate. We’re #1 in quality and uptime!

Engine Tune Ups & Replacements

As vehicle owners, we want to prolong the life of our engines and a great way to do that is by having it tuned up every 75,000 miles. During a tune up, Spark plugs, Spark plug wires and a Complete Overall Checkup will be done insuring any major issues will be caught before a new engine is needed. In the unfortunate event your engine has seen its better days we replace them as well. All our engine replacements come with a warranty so you know you’re getting the best service possible.  Keep your vehicle on the road longer with regular checkups and call Mike’s today!

New and Used Tires & Tire Repairs

We are pleased to offer new and used tires. Depending on your budget, we’re here to help. We carry many different brands such as Cooper, Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, Uniroyal, Mastercraft and so much more. We offer great discounts; and most tires come with a high mileage warranty. With the purchase of 4 tires, you’ll receive free tire rotations for the life of your tires and an additional $20.00 off! If there’s another tire you want, just let us know. We can order most major brands and can service vehicles of all sizes.

Charging-System & Battery Tests, Batteries

Charging-System & Battery Tests – Feel good knowing that Your charging system is checked with every oil change we do. We’ll check your battery, alternator, and electrical connectors.Batteries – We sell the best batteries around, Interstate Batteries. They carry an 85 and 75-month warranty.