Mike’s Collision Covid-19 procedures:                                                    4/1/2020

1. Disinfecting of all public surfaces and items; counters, door knobs, light switches, calculators, keyboards, mouses, phones, customer keys, loaner keys, coffee buffet area, waiting area, bathroom faucet, toilet seat and bathroom door handle after any customer arrives and leaves.
2. Personal protective equipment is recommended to truly reduce exposure, but is not required.
If you wish to be provided some while at work (facemask and gloves) simply ask. N95 masks are currently out of stock, however a reusable/washable cloth mask can be provided.
3. Washing of hands is recommended at a minimum of 20 seconds with soap & water.
4. In the event washing your hands isn’t possible, hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol is recommended. If you wish to be provided some, simply ask.
5. Employees who wish to limit their exposure may do so by coming in after 5:30pm to ensure all employees are gone. There will be no supplement pay to offset the reduced hours if the number of average hours are not met. This is a choice you are making and needs prior approval with the owner.
6. All customer vehicles are entered by each technician with gloves and the steering wheel and shifters are disinfected.
7. Our Cycle and Truck shop follow the same daily procedures and their doors remain locked to the public.
8. Signage is displayed to remind customers and employees of good hygiene and personal space practices.
9. A protective barrier shield in the front office has been installed to better protect employees who have direct contact with the public.
10. New pens are given to any customer who has to sign paperwork or a credit card slip to ensure there’s no cross contamination.
11. All vendor interactions are reduced to an absolute minimum and no sales people are allowed entry during this time.